Course curriculum

  • 1

    Quick Note Before You Explore the Library of Prediabetes & Type 2 Videos

    • Keep This in Mind
  • 2

    Emotional Health

    • The Good News About Diabetes
    • The Stigma of Diabetes
    • The Emotional Experience When Getting Diagnosed
    • How to Get Your Diabetes in a Safe Place
    • How Trying to Be Perfect Can Hurt You
    • Which Words Can Literally Cause Your Diabetes to Become More DIfficult to Manage (Office Hours July 2021)
    • My Efforts Are Never Good Enough
    • Diabetes Police
    • How to Cope with Discouragement
    • How to Take a Diabetes Vacation
    • No One Is Unmotivated to Live a Healthy Life
    • The Power of Pals
    • What to do When You're Stuck
    • Diabetes Distress (an interview with Dr. Larry Fisher)
  • 3

    Special Message from Tracey Brown, CEO of the American Diabetes Association

    • Tracey Brown speaks to Sweet People Club members! (recorded 12-20-19)
  • 4

    Healthy Eating - Carbohydrates!

    • The Basics on Carbs
    • How Carbs Are Essential Fuel
    • Are Carbs Your Friend or Foe?
    • How to Create Your Carb Budget
    • What is the Best Portion of Carbs, Protein and Fat?
    • Counting Carbs
    • Estimating Carbs
    • Finding the Carbs in a Food Label
    • Low Vs. Very-Low Carb Diets
  • 5

    Healthy Eating - Everything Else Including Current Topics

    • A Personal Welcome from Barbara Quinn, Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator
    • "What Can I Eat?"
    • How Different Foods Affect Blood Sugar
    • Food Label Detective
    • How Well Do You Know Your Nutrient Sources?
    • Heart Health
    • Strategies for Eating When You Have High Blood Pressure
    • DASH Diet - An Approach for High Blood Pressure
    • SALT - How Low Should You Go?
    • Alcohol - The Inside Scoop
    • How to Find Saturated Fat
    • Cholesterol - An Interview with Dietitian Barbara
    • Why You Need To Worry About a Triglyceride of 250 and What To Do About It (Office Hours 4-6-21)
    • What Kind of Snacks Can I Have?
    • 5 Tips for Eating Out
    • Should I Go Keto? The Pros and Cons
    • On Keto? How to Check for Ketones
    • Introducing Hanna Rifkin, Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator
    • Breaking Up Is Hard To Do (with "That" Food)
    • Farmer's Market - A Hidden Gem
    • Which Supplements Actually Help Your Prediabetes and Diabetes (Office Hours 2-2-2021)
    • What To Do About Sweeteners?
    • The Amazing Benefits of Beans
    • Can You Guess These 7 Top Nutrition Myths?
    • Dietitian-Inspired Meals in a Hurry
    • Are Sweeteners Safe (Office Hours 8-4-21)
    • How Supermarket Psychology Can Derail Your Health (Office Hours 1-4-2022)
  • 6

    Show Me What to Eat Guides

    • 7 Guides to Help You Get Started
  • 7

    Weight Management

    • Loing Weight: A Pathway to Type 2 Diabetes Remission (Office Hours 3-2-21)
    • Managing Weight - Part 1
    • Managing Weight - Part 2
    • Your Weight History and Future: A Reflective Exercise
    • Using the Hunger Scale to Lose Weight
    • Fast Track to Weight Loss
    • Portion Sizes for Weight Loss
    • 3 Ways to "Cheat" On Your Diet and Get Away With It
    • What is Weight Bias & How It Can Impact Your Care
  • 8

    Active Living: Physical Activity Basics to Know

    • Meet Dr. Sherri Colberg!
    • Do I Need a Check-Up Before Starting to Exercise?
    • The Benefits, Some of Which You Might Not Know
    • Walking Gets You Big Results
    • Energy Systems Used During Exercise
    • Exercise is Medicine
    • Eating for Exercise
    • The Best Time to Workout, and Blood Sugar Tips
    • Cardio Training
    • Balance Training
    • F-l-e-x-i-b-i-l-i-t-y!
    • Resistance Training - One of the Best Ways to Prevent & Manage Diabetes
    • Intensity - How Hard Should You Workout?
    • Cross Training
    • How to Cheat at Exercise (Office Hours 5-4-21)
  • 9

    Active Living: Physical Activity - Challenges

    • Exercising Safely If You're On Medication
    • Injuries - How to Prevent Them
    • Injuries - Types and What to Do
    • Exercising Given Health Complications
    • Ways to Sneak in More Daily Activity
    • The 7-Day Blood Sugar Challenge. Yes, You're On!
    • How to Stay Motivated
  • 10

    Know Your Numbers

    • Where to Begin with All the Numbers?
    • A1C, Blood Pressure and Cholesterol
    • Blood Pressure
    • How to Check Your Glucose
    • Tracking What Happens to Your Blood Sugar After You Eat
    • Low Blood Sugar (or Hypoglycemia)
    • High Blood Sugar (or Hyperglycemia)
    • Balancing Blood Sugar (It's In The Carbs!)
    • Wacky Blood Sugar Causes
  • 11

    Talking with Your Doctor or Provider

    • The Relationship with Your Diabetes Healthcare Professional
    • Tips for An Effective Healthcare Visit
  • 12

    Medications - Basics

    • Medications Can Keep You Safe
    • The 4 Main Types of Diabetes Medications
    • The 8 Areas in the Body That Aren't Working Well & How Medications Work
    • Matching Meals and Medications (Including Insulin)
    • The Newest Medications for Diabetes - Are They the Best? Office Hours Dec 2021
  • 13

    Medications - Insulin & Other Injectables

    • Are You Injecting Correctly? (Insulin or Non-Insulin Medications)
    • The Non-Insulin Injectables
    • All About Insulin
    • Insulin and Measuring Food
    • Insulin Timing and Carbs
  • 14

    Problem Solving

    • Low Blood Sugar (or Hypoglycemia)
    • What to Do When You Get Sick
    • The 8 Keys to Managing Diabetes
    • How to Save Money on the Cost of Diabetes
  • 15

    Reducing Risks

    • The 4 Times to Get a Check--Up
    • How to Avoid Possible Long Term Complications
    • Get to Sleep!
    • Protecting Your Heart
    • Protecting Your Beta Cells
    • Caring for Your Feet
    • Smoking & Recreational Drugs
    • Sleeping & Circadian Rhythms (Office Hours 6-1-21)
    • The Surprising Risk For Bone Fractures (Office Hours 10-5-21)
  • 16

    Diabetes & Intimacy

    • The Common Issue of Sexual Dysfunction in Diabetes - Office Hours (Sept 2021)
    • Sex and Diabetes
    • How To Talk About Intimacy Issues with Your HealthCare Provider
    • The 8 Types of Intimacy
    • Dating with Diabetes

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